Fun Fact About Being a Boy Scout

The Boy Scout organization is among the only programs that exist in the whole world and are known for their role in shaping future leaders. Being a boy scout is more than just attending camps in the wild and learning survival techniques, it is about learning what it takes to lead others and do so effectively. Being a boy scout presents young men with an opportunity to hone leadership, survive and get merit badges. Apart from that, here are some fun facts about being a boy scout that you probably did not know.

1. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting, used to cook rabbits in boarding school


As a young boy, the founder of the Boy Scout organization was notorious for being adventurous. He was known for capturing rabbits and cooking them while at school. When schools broke for summer, he would be busy tracing the Thames River. He retired from his Lieutenant-general in the army and started the boy scouts in 1911.


2. Half a billion people have taken the scouts promise


You know that scout promise every Boy Scout needs to know by heart? “On my honor…I promise to do my best…” Well, more than half a billion people in the world have taken it. That is to say; the organization has registered over half a billion people since it was started so you can imagine how big the scout association is.


3. Creation of the 1st Buckingham Palace Company to enable Princess Elizabeth to become a Girl Guide


The Girl Guide was formed by Princess Elizabeth and 20 other royal family girls. The group regularly met at the Buckingham Palace’s garden in the summer house. Currently, the then Princess Elizabeth, now the queen, hold the honorary patron role in the Girl Guide Association. They began with simple tasks like helpful household cleaning tips but eventually contributed more ideas for outdoor activities for girls. 


4. Only 5 countries don’t have boy scouts and girl scouts


A few years ago, only Vatican was the only country to have never had a scouting association. However, today there are five countries without a scouting association. These countries include; Cuba, North Korea, Laos, Andorra and now the Vatican. The four countries had scouting associations before but disbanded them.


5. Scouting is all about collecting the badges


When you become a boy scout, your success is measured by how many badges you collect. In scouting, badges signify achievements and the many you earn the more you have learned or achieved. There is a wide selection of badges in the scouting that are rewarded to members who manage to overcome various hurdles.


6. Celebrity Scouts


Among the famous that have been boy scouts include; Jeremy Paxman, Richard Branson, Betty Boothroyd, , Delia Smith, George W. Bush, Ainsley Harriott, John Craven John Major PM, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, Keith Richards, Buzz Aldrin, , Princess Anne, Princess Margaret, Ken Dodd, Michael Parkinson, , Queen Elizabeth II, Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond and, Bill Gates


7. Baden Powell carried a posthumous letter for scouts with him


You know how everyone in one instance or another think about their death and if they would be able to say goodbye? Well Lord Baden Powell thought about his death and did something about it. He carried with him a letter to the scouts for several years. His posthumous letter contained a guide to scouts on finding happiness and the catchy line of ‘try to leave the world better than you found it”